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Testimonials for residents
Testimonials for residents

Testimonials for residents


'I waited many years to move to Castle View, I love my spacious apartment that I planned for so long  and I also enjoy inviting my friends to the Castle View restaurant and sharing it all with them'

The Morgans

'We feel safe and secure at Castle View and enjoy dipping in and out of events as we feel like it and have held some fabulous parties in the Sky Lounge'


' I only moved in a few months ago and I really appreciated the gentle welcoming community and have already made really good friends'


'I've never been busier since I moved to Castle View, something on everyday if you want it and I have definitely made some very trusted friends.'

Norma and Les

'We really enjoy our apartment and have personalised it with smart shutters and wardrobes. It really feels like home at last.'


I love my apartment, I have so much space here and invite all my friends from both inside and outside Castle View for gin and wine evenings!, My apartment is so bright and airy too and I have designed in my favourite colours, pinks and purples. I have never looked back since moving in, the future is bright!




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